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1)           Agricultural Botany

Ø  This section is doing breeding work on crops like maize,  mustard, lathyrus and  safflower.

Ø  It has released following varieties in field crops :

Ø  Fodder grass : NG-13, NG-22, NG-5, NG-73, NG-107, NG-308 and NG-287

Ø  Cotton:  B-147, B-1007                 Pigeonpea : EB-3 and EB-38

Ø  Sorghum: 22-5-16 (CMS line)         Mustard : ACN-9 Shatabdi

Ø  Safflower : N-630                        Maize : PKVM Shatak

Ø  The section has prepared the depiction chart for deficiency symptoms of micro and macro nutrients in citrus and mustard.


2)            Agricultural Economics

Ø  The section undertakes studies for understanding and solving problems in production, financing, marketing and government policies related to farming community.

Ø  Faculty members attend meeting as a member of Expert Committee of District Co-operative Banks (Technical Group) for fixing the scale of finance for crop loans to the farmers in Nagpur and Chandrapur district.


3)           Agricultural Engineering

Ø  This section has a collection of farm machinery required for land cultivation, seeding, harvesting and threshing.

Ø  It has a workshop which provides services like repairs and maintenance of farm implements, tractors, electrical instruments and vehicles.

Ø  This section imparts training to farmers regarding use of modern farm implements under Farm Mechanization Project sponsored by Agril. Deptt. Government of Maharashtra.


4)           Agricultural Entomology

Ø  Possess well equipped Bio-control laboratory

Ø  Production and sale of bioagents and biopesticides like Chrysopa, Trichogramma, Mallada and HaNPV from 1996.

Ø  Recommended Mallada for the management  of citrus blackfly during Ambia, and Hasta bahar.

Ø  Recommended artificial diet for the rearing of M. boninensis in absence of Corcyra eggs.

Ø  Research work is in progress on Biocontrol of Parthenium grass through Zygogramma beetles.


5)           Agronomy

Ø  This section has generated agro-techniques for soybean, groundnut, safflower, gram, wheat, mustard etc.

Ø  Studies have been undertaken on land configuration, weed biomass addition, integrated nutrient management, integrated weed management, organic modules, sewage water treatment for irrigation etc.

Ø  Crop demonstrations on improved agro-techniques are arranged on the college farms.


6)           Animal Husbandry and Dairying

Ø  The collection of different breeds of cows, goats, sheeps and buffaloes is in progress.

Ø  The section has developed technology for use of orange pomace as cattle feed.


7)           Extension Education

Ø The Extension Education section, plays major role in scientist to farmers contact and social activities of the college. It caters to the technical information of the region.

Ø Every year, Shivarpheris, Kisan Melas and Exhibitions are organised by this section. It also plays important role of liasoning of the university with print and electronic media.

Ø  Every Monday between 2.30 to 5.30 P.M., Farmers Help Line on telephone is available to the farmers, to  solve their technical problems instantly.

Ø  Dr. PDKV Krishak-Vigyan Manch Programme is organised on every 3rd Saturday of the month in the college. It has 265 registered members.

Ø  The section organises intensive extension activities like demonstrations, field days, field visits of experts in the adopted villages. 


8)           Horticulture

Ø  Developed variety, ‘Nagpur 182’ seedless santra.

Ø  Conducted research on floral biology and the storage of Nagpur santra.

Ø  Developed agro techniques on fruit crops like mango, sapota and flower crops like mogra, chrysanthemum, gerbera etc.

Ø  This section has well equipped laboratory for fruit processing.

Ø  Gardens viz., Maharajbag,  Telankhedi and Satpuda Botanic Garden are maintained and used for teaching purposes.


9)           Plant Pathology

Ø  This section undertakes commercial production of good quality biofertilizers, biopesticides viz., Trichoderma, Rhizobium, Azotobacter, PSB Beauveria, Metarhizium etc.

Ø  Successfully isolated efficient strains for decomposition of agro waste and it enriches soil with addition of minerals.

Ø  Developed low cost technology for soil solarisation.

Ø  This section has well established bio-technology laboratory for research and development of biological products.

Ø  Experiential learning: To impart training to the under graduate students for Biofertilizers  production.


10)        Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry

Ø  This section has a soil testing laboratory for determination of nutrients from soil samples brought by the farmers.

Ø  Worked out fertility status of soils of Nagpur region  for essential nutrients and accordingly, the fertilizer recommendations are given for different crops.

Ø  Developed technology for use of fly ash for agricultural crops.

Ø  Standardized a dose of sulphur to pigeon pea.

Ø  Established Tissue Testing laboratory to workout critical limits of micronutrients in fruit crop.

Ø  Experiential learning: It develops skill among students about practicals and management of laboratory of soil science and agricultural chemistry.



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PDKV, Akola


ICAR, New Delhi

IARI, New Delhi

Mah.State Agri. Dept

Dept. of Agriculture & Co-operation,  Govt. of India

Govt. of India website

Mah.State Agri.Marketing Board

Agri.Marketing Network, Govt. of India


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